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The Motherhood Village Podcast

Mar 5, 2021

Stephany & Emily are two awesome mamas empowering women to prepare for birth & life with baby! Breastmoms was born with the goal of supporting moms in every stage of their motherhood journey, especially breastfeeding. Stephany & Emily are also Doulas and Lactation Consultants in training, and they have breastfed their babies for over a year! Their passion for encouraging moms through education is a top priority, and their Instagram page is shame-free and a safe space for mamas to connect and share their experiences with one another. 

They have great things on the horizon for Breastmoms; which we discuss on this episode. We also discuss how they connected & became friends, their postpartum journeys, the major misconceptions of birth and breastfeeding, receiving unsolicited advice, struggles with unsupportive family members, prioritizing selfcare and much more! 

You can find Breastmoms on IG @Breastmoms