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The Motherhood Village Podcast

Oct 1, 2021

Dr. Natasha Beck MPH, Psy.D is a parenting expert and founder of Dr. Organic Mommy, an online resource focused on pregnancy, parenting, and non-toxic living. With over 56K loyal and engaged followers who look to her for real-world advice on raising children, Natasha is now known as @dr.organicmommy. She holds a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, specializing in pediatric neuropsychology, and a Master’s in Public Health, specializing in child and family health. She is also certified in leadership education in neurodevelopmental disabilities from Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

Dr. Beck has been named one of the Top 100 Health and Wellness Influencers in 2020 by the New Hope Network. She has been featured in New York Metro Parents, Kind Humans, Bumpkins, Benzinga, and Romper and has appeared on the Atomic Moms Podcast with Ellie Knaus, The Hamilton Review, We Gotta Talk with Sonni Abatta as well as MAMA SAID with Jamie-Lynn Sigler & Jenna Parris.

On this episode we discuss the impact of diet & environmental toxins and how they effect children's behavior, the importance of reading nutrition labels, her top 3 nontoxic swaps, how to handle mealtime difficulties, and her favorite parenting methods. 

You can find great resources on Dr. Organic Mommy's Website and Dr. Organic Mommy on Instagram