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The Motherhood Village Podcast

May 17, 2023

Marnie Madras is the founder and CEO of Rumbly, and she is on a mission to change how women experience pregnancy. Rumbly started as a small idea during her third pregnancy when she realized women’s experiences during this life-changing time deserved a new narrative. With previous entrepreneurial work in hospitality, food, drink, and product development, Marnie embarked on a new journey focused on leading a change in how we approach the transition to motherhood.

Helping women prioritize themselves throughout the whole journey (and particularly when no one else is) while further tapping into the excitement of it all continues to be the mission of Rumbly since its first conception. And to this day, Rumbly is so much more than just a curated box of awesome products. It’s carving a new way for women to experience pregnancy - one that’s dedicated to both the woman she is and the mom she’s becoming.

In this episode, Marnie and I discuss:

  • Her mission and inspiration behind creating Rumbly.
  • How not to lose yourself in the process of becoming a mother.
  • How to navigate Matrescence and your "new identity."
  • Changing the narrative when it comes to how women experience pregnancy.
  • How your experience in pregnancy impacts your postpartum experience and early years of motherhood.
  • How to work around the "mom guilt," and find new ways to connect with friends, and prioritize keeping up with your hobbies, and your needs. 

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