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The Motherhood Village Podcast

Mar 19, 2021

Jeantel Carter is a wife, boy mom and founder of Style Creative Agency. SCA was created through an ordained path that forged its way into existence in 2020. Jeantel followed an intuition that was backed by signs to start something that would not only help her, but other women like her, who needed organization in their lives.

Jeantel fused her fashion background into the lifestyle stationary realm, and it worked! The idea of creating this business came after she became a mom, as the transition into new mommy territory was not easy for Jeantel, and she had to figure out how to balance being a wife, mother & working. When she realized she couldn't find what she was looking for she created it herself! And that's when Style Creative Agency was born; to keep mompreneurs and bossbabes organized in style! 

On this episode, we discuss the growing pains of transitioning from marriage to parenthood, her path to entrepreneurship, learning from other entrepreneurs, creating a functional stylish office space, knowing when to outsource and ask for help, building connections, and much more! 

You can find Jeantel on IG @stylecreativeagency and online at