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The Motherhood Village Podcast

Sep 15, 2022

Jamarah Amani, LM is a community midwife who
believes in the transformative and healing power of
birth and that every baby has a human right to human
milk. Her mission is to do her part to build a
movement for Birth Justice locally, nationally and
globally. Jamarah is the architect of the Birth Justice
framework, the Black Midwives Model of Care and
the Birth Justice Bill of Rights. She identifies as
Black, Femme and Queer.

A community organizer from the age of sixteen, Jamarah has worked with several organizations across the United States, the Caribbean and in Africa on various public
health issues, including HIV prevention, infant mortality risk reduction, access to emergency contraception and access to midwifery care. As a birth worker and activist,
Jamarah has been tackling issues of racial justice, including the epidemics of Black maternal and infant morbidity/mortality for over fifteen years. She is currently the Executive Director of Southern Birth Justice Network, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization working to expand the Birth Justice movement and to make midwifery and doula care
accessible to marginalized communities. She is also the co-founder of National Black Midwives Alliance, the only national professional association in the U.S. specifically for
midwives of African descent, and a founding member of the Queer and Transgender Midwives Association.
Jamarah is the recipient of the 2019 Trailblazer Award from the City of Miami, which proclaimed a day in her honor- Jamarah Amani Day, celebrated annually on March 14.

She has been featured in a variety of media outlets including PBS, NPR, NBC and publications such as Vox, Atlanta Journal-Constitution and Miami Times, among others. She has written for several blogs including the Huffington Post and the Birth Justice blog, and is a fellow of Echoing Ida, a collective of Black women and non-binary
writers. In addition to parenting four children and watching the sunrise whenever possible, Jamarah offers midwifery care to families in South Florida and teaches
workshops on Birth Justice to organizations across the United States. Jamarah is currently producing a documentary entitled Legacy Power Voice: Movements in Black Midwifery with her partner, filmmaker Karyl-Lyn Sanderson, scheduled to be released in 2022.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The root causes of health disparities in marginal communities.
  • Why the black maternal mortality rate is so high and what needs to be done to lower the number.
  • What full spectrum reproductive care consists of.
  • Questions black mothers & families should ask their providers and the research they should do to arm themselves with information.

Learn more about Jamarah and her work with Southern Birth Justice Network and National Black Midwives Alliance

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