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The Motherhood Village Podcast

Sep 1, 2023

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This week's episode features, Elizabeth Brunner, the Founder and CEO of StereoType, a pioneering gender-free kids' fashion brand that aims to break-free from traditional gendered clothing by creating what she coined as "blended fashion" — a mix of girl and boy esthetics that are equal in value and defined by no one.

Inspired by her girl-boy twins to start StereoType, Elizabeth would observe her twins, who at a young age would often naturally be drawn to wear pieces from each others' closets to create their own unique blended fashion style that authentically represented who they are and how they wanted to dress. From watching her twins dress, Elizabeth was inspired by how they joyfully broke the rules of traditional dressing and soon realized it was time to unlearn the limitations of gendered fashion. She did this by supporting and encouraging her twins to discover their individuality by embracing a blended fashion approach where any piece of clothing could be worn by any child, regardless of gender. StereoType offers a wide range of stylish, comfortable, high-quality apparel and accessories for children ages 4-14, enabling them to express themselves through their wardrobe choices without being limited by societal expectations, limits, and stereotypes.

Elizabeth recently named her twin's co-founders of StereoType, and they have been the leading brand ambassadors since the launch of the brand in 2020, participating in fittings, photoshoots, and social media content creation while learning the behind-the-scenes operations of the business. Both kids are offering their own creative input on the designs of the clothing as well as testing out the products to make sure they're play-worthy. StereoType is the second disruptive fashion company Elizabeth has started. After studying fashion design at California College of the Arts, she was at odds with wasteful fashion industry standards. This led her to launch her first fashion business, Piece x Piece, a pioneering line of one-of-a-kind, high-end garments that reused discarded sample swatches and leftover fabric from larger fashion houses that would typically be sent to landfill.

Topics we cover in this episode:

  • Gender-free fashion - By breaking fashion rules and disregarding our boundaries around what boys and girls should wear, we encourage a more playful, creative, and expressive sense of self for everyone.
  • Conscious parenting - By removing limiting labels and stereotypes, we offer our children the freedom to be who they actually are. It starts with us.
  • Uncovering our traumas and triggers allows us to be fully present for our children and to eliminate the judgment and expectations we create for them.
  • The importance of giving our children the opportunity to play a role in our business, and how it creates empowerment, growth, and deep learning that can help them shape their confidence and self-esteem while also learning how to make a vision a reality.

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