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Mamas Know Best, We Got Something to Say!

Aug 6, 2021

Christine Woodward CEO/Founder of 19th&CO - a woman-owned & women-led consulting company focused on empowering brands one project at a time. Their mission is to remind the world that it was the 19th amendment that solidified the efforts of the amazing women who fought for women's rights. 

Christine supports, challenges, and empowers women for a living. She strikes the perfect balance of design-thinking with action-based methods to get each clients’ dreams over the finish line. To further her mission of empowering women, her consultancy, 19th&CO launched The JuDi Project - a mission-driven training program for women to level up in their confidence.

On this episode we discuss her journey into creating 19th&CO, her passion helping women & underrepresented groups, the services she provides, building confidence as a skill, believing in and letting our children's truth be discovered, and much more. 

You can find Christine on LinkedIn at and her website: