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Mamas Know Best, We Got Something to Say!

Aug 12, 2021

Kristine McLellan is the co-founder of One Tough Mother. After giving birth to her first born, Kristine was in shock. She was in pain, and struggling mentally & emotionally. She felt ready for birth, but no one prepared her for postpartum. Then she had her second baby and it was a night & day experience. She made sure she had everything she needed and she knew what to expect.

Now Kristine, and her friend Allison are on a mission to give women a beautiful 4th trimester. To give everyone that "second time experience" every single time. They want mothers to be armed with the products and resources they need to be prepared for birth and postpartum and have a more joyful experience. 

It's why their all natural, plant based postpartum care products are more than just a beautiful gift. Every order comes with the information that sets women up for a more joyful entry into motherhood.  

And they just recently launched Reclaiming Birth, a comprehensive prenatal program designed by Certified Childbirth Educator Christine Sexauer alongside One Tough Mother Co-founder, Allison, and it covers everything needed to have a fear-free, less painful birth. And right now it comes with their Postpartum program for free!

On this episode we discuss: the tough learning curve of your first born, empowering women to get the birth they want with the right resources and support,"preparing" for motherhood the best we can, their R&D process for their products, and much more!

Join the postpartum revolution, and spread 4th trimester wellness with 15% off all products using code: mamaknowsbest 
You can find One Tough Mother at , their Reclaiming Birth courses at and IG: One_ToughMother