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Mamas Know Best, We Got Something to Say!

Aug 27, 2021

Matt Travis is a Rapid Transformation Hypnotherapist & High-Performance Lifestyle Coach. He helps mom entrepreneurs transform their subconscious mind, health & business habits, and identity to ensure a SUSTAINABLE long term growth strategy.  He believes that mothers are the linchpin, and when she becomes healthy and happy it creates the ultimate ripple effect of well-being throughout the entire family. Through supportive coaching and therapeutic subconscious mindset work he is able to help mom's all over the world create the long term sustainable self care and lifestyle habits that will empower them to show up for themselves first so that they can have the ultimate impact on the ones they love, without burning out. Matt's ultimate mission is to empower people at a deep subconscious level to become the person that their dreams require, without sacrificing their lifestyle and mental well-being.

On this episode we discuss his fatherhood journey, the identity shift of parenthood, letting go of vulnerability, subconscious shifting of words to create impactful change, creating healthy habits, embracing self care and so much more!

You can find Matt online at and on social media LinkedIn , Instagram , and Facebook