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The Motherhood Village Podcast

Dec 3, 2021

For over 32 years, Dina Legland has been a wife and mother of two successful daughters all while working as a licensed RN, EMT, and home care health provider.

As a first responder, she exemplifies strength and courage as she thinks on her feet, though her self-response time wasn’t always that way. Cancer saved her life by helping her discover the underlying fears that paralyzed and almost killed her. Now Dina is certified in health and life transformation to help women face their greatest fear, to gain clarity around its source and to overcome worries that feel toxic like cancer. Today, she has great strength and response time for herself.

Dina's mission is to help others identify their fears to overcome what they dread; using their custom tools, to gain back control and unleash their inner warrior.

On this episode, we discuss her journey to raising 2 successful daughters, breaking generational cycles & trauma, how cancer saved her life & how she now helps women to overcome their own fears, the importance of having a strong support system, taking care of yourself and so much more!

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