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The Motherhood Village Podcast

Oct 22, 2021

David Hall is the owner of A+ Clutter Clearing Services. He has been organizing, decluttering and designing interior and exterior spaces for over 15 years. Starting with family and friends, he created an exciting and effective process to clear the mind!

David offers clutter and chaos relief with the opportunity to move lives forward, in a positive, more purpose-driven way. Unwanted, unused, and under-appreciated possessions weigh us down, and hold us back from what we truly want and desire, and David supports his clients and assists them in eleiminating those items. A+ Clutter Clearing “enlivens” your space and “frees you up” to experience new ways to make room in your busy life. Moving stagnant energy into life-affirming action, helps you in all areas of your life. Whatever space and clutter challenges you may be facing, A+ Clutter Clearing is here to guide you & works directly with you, and your loved ones, in order to get your house in order; effectively and with long lasting results. 

On this episode we discuss how he turned a hobby into a successful business, his fatherhood journey, the SMART system of decluttering, how to get your children involved with cleaning, turning your bedroom into a sanctuary and so much more! 

You can find David online at .