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The Motherhood Village Podcast

Mar 18, 2022

Aryan is the founder and CEO of TREMBLE, a chain of boutique Pilates studios in South Florida and growing. Aryan focuses primarily on strategy and vision as well as oversight on operations in the Company. She and her team work with a wide variety of clientele from beginners to professional athletes. As a former lawyer who started the business out of a passion, Aryan has used her skill set to scale a company without taking outside capital. She holds degrees from the University of California at Berkeley, Stanford, and the University of Miami and wants to use her education and experience to continue to empower women and the youth to enter into the entrepreneurship space, while giving back to the communities she works with.

Aryan is a former lululemon ambassador, a featured speaker and moderator at the NFL Business Combine as well as numerous business podcasts. She also sits on the board for the Sabrina Cohen Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to improving the lives of people living with disabilities through fitness and wellness programming.

In this inspiring episode, we discuss her successful entrepreneurial journey, as well as:

  • How she pivoted from lawyer to entrepreneur.
  • Learning customer service for her business.
  • Creating a successful business mindset.
  • What she learned during the pandemic and how she grew her business during that time.
  • Her appreciation for mothers.
  • What's next for Tremble.

You may connect with Aryan on Instagram .